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Království perníku

Gingerbread House [ Sight ]

Perníková chaloupka
Gingerbread House - originally a hunting lodge dating back to 1882, which is used as the Museum of gingerbread ® and as a tourist destination for all those who still did not stop believe in fairy tales.

Throughout the year (except the period of winter dormancy of  Mrs.Witch, from New Year's Eve until the first Saturday in March, when new expositions are prepared) visitors can taste honey experience from Gingerbread House  that will delight all their senses (sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste) and also sense of humor. Exposition is entertaining and is always adapted to the composition and mood of a particular group of visitors. While adults can enjoy the interesting history of gingerbread craft in Pardubice, for children is prepared an unusual reflection on the fairy tale "The Gingerbread House." Exhibition contains over a thousand pieces of gingerbread from the entire country. There are mostly the winning works from various competitions. Honey experience includes a visit to the Museum of gingerbread with gingerbread town, wandering through the enchanted forest to the gingerbread workshop of Mrs.Witch and the tour ends in Honeydukes, Heaven and Hell.


Království perníku
Luděk Šorm
V Perníkové chaloupce č. p. 38
533 52 Ráby
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 466 612 474
(+420) 602 413 134 - ředitel
Perníková chaloupka ®



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