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Country of the gingerbread [ Regional tourist product ]

The oldest map of the
The oldest map of the "Country of the gingerbread"
Regional turistic product which should help to put this locality on the map and motivate people (especially families with small children) to visit the region.
1997 - first preparations and workings started
8.5.2001 - Agency "Tradice" arranged the first year of the "Gingerbread´s festival" in Pardubice.
7.-8.5.2002 - The second year of the "Gingerbread´s festival"
7.-8.5.2003 - The third year of the "Gingerbread´s festival" with the presence of the Prime minister Vladimír Špidla
28.5.2003 - the presentation of the Country of the gingerbread on the map of fairy tale regions in Pisek
June 2003 - the edition of three postcards of the country of the gingerbread (Kunětická hora,Slatiňany and Seč)
July 2003 - the preparation of the "gingerbread´s house" as the touristic place for families with small children


Luděk Šorm
V Perníkové chaloupce č. p. 38
533 52 Ráby
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 466 612 474
(+420) 602 413 134 - ředitel
One of the postcards of the
One of the postcards of the "Country of the gingerbread"


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