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Vysocina [ Tourist Region ]

31 VYSOČINA Turistický region Vysočina
The Czech-Moravian Highlands (Ceskomoravska vrchovina), which extend over an area of seven districts, range from the south Bohemian fish ponds to the outskirts of the Hana. Region. Everywhere here you can find stones, sweet-briar bushes and fields with potatoes and flax on gently rising and falling hills, which are not very high and which are covered with small low forests.

Due to the fact that this region is one of the best preserved areas in the country, it is called the green heart of the Czech Republic. This region is a harsh and a beautiful one and is full of change and romance. The unique atmosphere of the scenery has for many years attracted a lot of artists, painters, sculptors, composers and writers. The region, often known as ”Vysocina” (Highlands), is an ideal area for relaxation and recreation.


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