Království perníku

Preserve around Hukvaldy castle [ Preserve ]

The preserve was a very important part of former Hukvaldy. It was founded in 1566 by the bishop Vilém Prusinovský, who is said to have been given 20 fallow-deers from the Emperor Maxmilián II. The original preserve was situated around the road from Drážky to Hájov. It was the Cardinal Schrattenbach who replaced it around the castle in 1730. He had it fenced partially and had the entrance gate built. In 1960 a part of the Kazničov hill was added to the preserve and its present area is about 450 hectares. At the beginning of the fifties an open-air theatre was built up in the park and later, in 1959 the memorial of Liška Bystrouška (The cunning little wixen). The preserve has been kept and is now under the administration of Lesy ČR (Czech Forests).
In 1999 seven beech-trees were proclaimed to be protected trees.


Type: Preserve
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