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The Village of Záhorovice (cca 100 inhabitants, area of 1492 hectares)
lies in the valley of the Olshava River in the picturesque foothills of the White Carpathian mountains. The village is very old from the historical viewpoint; the first record dates back to 1373, when the only constructions in the area were represented by an old farmstead and a mill. The village is known for its salty mineral spring. Detailed information concerning the village of Záhorovice may be obtained in the Bojkovice Microregion Information Centre or in the tourist information centre situated in the Bar Green Pub Restaurant , which is open from May to the end of September.
In the village, there is a mineral spring called "the acidulous water of Záhorovice".In the past times, the mineral spring was called "the dromond". Soon after its discovery, the spring became well-known all over the region for its quality and healing effects



49.00525N, 17.7783E

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