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Lopeník [ Village or Town/City ]

The Village of Lopenik (cca 210 inhabitants, area of 1 253 hectares)
is located in the central part of the White Carpathians protected region, directly under the main mountain range. Great Lopenik ( 911 metres above sea level) is the highest peak of the mountain ridge. The Lopenik Gap represents a significant dominant point as one of the formations creating a distinctive landscape pattern of the region. The picturesque landscape with low population density and scattered buildings may be regarded as one of the most suitable places for outdoor recreation. This part of the region is also very attractive for people who take pleasure in visiting beautiful nature spots because there are many species of protected plants and animals to be found in the wide florid meadows. The tourists can also enjoy beautiful views of the scenery from the Lopenik mountain range. The Great Lopenik Vantage represents one of the most interesting touring destinations, which holds also for many other localities of the region, where tourists may discover lots of interesting features concerning the history of the region and its traditions as well as the natural resources of the White Carpathian mountains. The Great Lopenik Vantage symbolizes the bond of friendship between the Czech and Slovak nations (its construction was finished in 2005).Detailed information concerning the vantage and the nature of the White Carpathians can be found on the information boards of nature trails and on the White Carpathians Protected Region Administration boards at the bus turntable at Vyškovec. Information concerning this area may also be obtained at tourist centres situated in some of the recreation facilities (Monte Lope - natural resources, Jana Cottage - the croftland female healers, Valmont - the airbattle over the White Carpathians, Mrs.Kubin's grange - farm rooms).

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