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The narrow-gauge railway in Mladějov

The narrow-gauge railway in Mladějov is unique in its surroundings. It forms no net within factory walls but runs rather through 10 km of fields and forests. The track runs from the Chornice- Tčřebovice railway line to the road between Svitovy and Moravská Třebová. The area Hřebeč has a direct connection to this road and the Mladějov factory is just beside the station of the Czech Railways. There is a project to build a new narrow-gauge railway station opposite the Czech Railways station. Then passengers looking out of the windows of the train would be welcomed by engineering jewels from the beginning of the 20th century.

Just inside the entry gate, a new part of the museum from which the trains will depart is being built. The first section of track has a length of about 2.9 km and a 3% grade. After leaving the area of the factory and crossing a short flat space, the track reaches one of its most difficult parts - a switchback curve with a radius of 60 m. The track then leads between fields and meadows to the forester´s house, where it goes through a part of the village, crosses a small road, and continues to climb right up to the forest. The last 200m of the climb are already in the forest, which the track comes out of at "Na Veksli." There is a siding where the trains used to be connected and where they passed each other.

From there on the track runs mostly on level ground through glades and forest. The Jesenik mountains can be seen from this stretch when the weather is nice. The engine refills its water tank at km 3.2, beneath the "Červená hora" massif in the M.T. nature reserve. After the following plain, the train traverses the K.D.road. Then soon after a sharp left turn at the Kunčina forest house, the track reaches the place where the old rail connects to the new (km 5.3). The next sharp left turn is just beyond the old mine "Na Větrné". The track continues on level ground to "Nová Ves," where there used to be a station. Now only a few walls remind one of this big complex. Two rail points have been reconstructed.

Next comes another left turn as the track passes the junction of several routes and continues on the hillside in the direction of the mines in Hřebeč. It rises again, but this time only slightly. The next point of interest is the indentation at km 8.1. After a left turn the track continues to rise slightly until it reaches Hřebeč. On the way it passes the loading places of several former mines.

The track finishes with a plain before the Hřebeč mines, where it crosses a small road. Just before the gate remnants of the funiculars from the galeries can be seen up the hillside. Just beyond the gate at Hřebeč, the track divides into different directions and leads to various galleries, loading places, etc. The track finishes at the gallery Jihlavská, but the rail continues underground.



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