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Gingerbread Museum [ Museum ]

Muzeum perníku a pohádek
Accompanying word (interpretation) is conducted in an entertaining way for children and adults, and always adjusts the composition of specific groups of visitors. Includes topics: • the origin and fate hunt lodge from 1882
• history perníkářského crafts and Pardubice gingerbread
• exhibits gingerbread
• reflect on the story about a gingerbread house

and a visit to the mysterious forest where every visitor on your skin can experience what it was like when Hansel and Gretel traveled to the gingerbread house, and also take home a pleasant honey gingerbread.

While the kids are ready for consideration of unusual tale "Babes in the Wood", adults interested perníkářského crafts history and Pardubice gingerbread. Exhibition in Gingerbread house contains over a thousand gingerbread from the entire country. It is mostly the work of winning various competitions. On display here are also embossed gingerbread, made from old historical forms. These gingerbread we have they baked in the Museum of Eastern Bohemia in Hradec Kralove, as well as in a museum in Jilemnice Chlumec Cidlinou in Klatovy Velvary. Positively or in Slany. Please refer to the here and colored marzipan, which are produced from wooden molds Mrs. John Heimerová of Paskov. Waiting for you a large chick crib (crib Trojanovický), who baked and nazdobila Marie Musilová from Trojanovice at Frenštát Radhoštěm. We also have a great form of imperial carriage with gingerbread and marzipan, or Infant Jesus of Prague, which is also full of gingerbread. You will see what she looks like gingerbread free hand, which was prepared by Julie perníkářka Chadimová of Strakonice. You will see a lot of wooden molds from Ing.Oldřicha Kvapil from Horice, which, for its long-carving received in 2003 from MK title: "The bearer of folk tradition." Your eyes will also see how the gingerbread, these wooden molds produced.

During the tour will please all your senses:
• VISION: looking at more than a thousand beautiful gingerbread further
• HEARING: interesting story,
• FEEL: Feel the mold, carved in wood,
• SNIFF: you smell gingerbread, and
• TASTE: you get the gingerbread, and who can not resist trying, ...

... and a sense of humor.


Luděk Šorm
V Perníkové chaloupce č. p. 38
533 52 Ráby
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 466 612 474
(+420) 602 413 134 - ředitel
Muzeum perníku a pohádek



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